DocuSign - Easy, Quick & Secure Digital Signatures

We use DocuSign, an industry leader, for digitally signing all of the contractual documentation on the Loan Market Platform.

It has enabled us to condense the time taken to perform a participation transaction down from days or even weeks to just 2 or 3 minutes.

Once you've got the hang of it, you'll find it quick and simple to use. As well as being faster, it's also more reliable and auditable: -

  • You'll have a permanent independent record in your account of every document that you've digitally signed - so you won't ever have to worry about losing one
  • There can never be any arguments about somebody having altered the wording of an agreement after it had been signed

Even better, there's an App.

So once you've decided to participate in a deal, you can complete the contractual side with just a few touches on your Smartphone.

Once you've registered to become an Investor, please take a moment to download the App by viewing this page on your Smartphone and clicking the appropriate link below.

Once you've downloaded the App, you can open it and Sign Up for a free DocuSign account, and then configure the App with your Signature and Touch ID.

It's an easy process, but there are a couple of places where it's possible to trip up so it's VITAL that you do it correctly.

To that end we've put together a short slideshow below to guide you through the process. We'll also happily talk you through it on the phone if you prefer: just contact .