Borrowers: Asset-secured loans from £0.5m to £20m

Borrowing from a bank can be slow and cumbersome. You will have to fit into their schedule, complete a lengthy form, and then more often than not wait for weeks before they will even tell you the details - including the rate - of the deal they will offer.

Then there will most likely be more forms to complete and a further lengthy wait before the deal - which will often contain restrictive terms and sometimes even be subject you to leaving a portion of the funds borrowed on deposit - finally goes through.

Our approach is refreshingly different:

  • Convenience: We will meet whenever and wherever best suits you.
  • Certainty: Provided that you can tell us everything that we need to know, we can give you a decision and a rate the same day.
  • Speed: We will complete the due diligence as quickly as you allow us to and will advance funds within 24 hours once all the necessary documentation has been signed.
  • Flexibility: We will advance all of the funds with no restrictions and normally allow early payback within reason

Our model is ideal for borrowers seeking bridging and/or mezzanine funding.

Please  contact us  for further details.