Prescient Loans provides a unique platform for prospective investors to achieve attractive and immediate returns by participating in a variety of asset-based lending opportunities specifically selected by our experienced team, with ease and speed of transaction and an active, value-driven approach.

We undertake due diligence, play an active role in the documentation process and fully underwrite each loan. Loans are carefully selected based on the strength and creditworthiness of the borrower, value of the underlying assets and the ability to realise those assets should an enforcement scenario arise.

All loans available are fully secured, typically with an LTV of under 80% and a return of 8-12%pa.

For investors

Details of each of the loans advanced by Prescient will appear online in our Loan Market Platform.

Investors are then able to choose which loan(s) they wish to participate in and execute the participation transaction(s) quickly and simply with a few clicks of a button (including the digital signing process, which can be completed in seconds) - and start earning straight away.

No fee or deposit is required to sign up to use the Loan Market Platform - in fact we do not charge our investors any fees at all.

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For borrowers

Prescient Loans operates in a sector where competitors are generally slow to manage a deal from conception to completion. Our underwriting capabilities and expertise in the area allows us to move quickly meaning we are able to offer speed, convenience and certainty.

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